The core open source library to help keep everyone safe, while respecting their privacy.

Welcome to Safetrace™ API

The core open source library to SafeTrace™, an API framework to expedite global adoption of mobile phone based infection tracing.

By creating a private, decentralized storage medium for mobile data, our cooperative is enabling the world to trace the coronavirus outbreak at the level of individuals. At our team’s founding, we were supported by the FluPhone Project at the University of Cambridge and their members have generously passed on their code to us. Furthermore, the scientific community has heralded our organization’s approach as the most effective means to precipitate the end of COVID-19.

Our mission is to eradicate COVID-19

SafeTrace™ is a global collaboration which has gathered together epidemiologists, computer scientists, and economists from across numerous academic institutions, corporations and governmental agencies. Our mission as an organization is to develop innovative tech solutions to eradicate COVID-19. 

The problem: social distancing alone doesn’t work

Know that we are working tirelessly to fill the technological void in our governments’ response to this pandemic. We have taken cues from leading epidemiologists worldwide. Their message is clear: social distancing alone cannot prevent an epidemic in the long-term. These measures can diffuse hospitalizations over time, but they cannot achieve population immunity. Therefore, the world needs a technological solution to track the spread of COVID-19, and above all else, this solution must respect the privacy of its users.

A scalable framework solution

Our response to this call has been to develop a scalable API framework to unify public health endeavours worldwide. The creation of a decentralized database enables the widespread adoption of contact tracing via mobile devices. With this tracing technology, the public can track COVID-19 with unparalleled precision. Furthermore, individuals can accurately assess their personal risk of infection, and governments can intervene with intelligence. We also cannot overstate the importance our technology has within corporate structures such as your own. When business demands interpersonal interaction, it is essential that companies can ensure their employees’ health and safety.

State-of-the-art privacy

The key distinction of our endeavor is the level of privacy SafeTrace™ can provide. Unlike other solutions, our backend makes use of state of the art, multi-party computation (MPC) protocols.  As a result, we possess the only mobile tracing framework that is both effective and privacy-compliant. We are developing partnerships to facilitate the protection of our communities and the quick eradication of COVID-19.

A secure, global solution

Without an MPC framework, a centralized authority must be trusted to not misuse sensitive data.  MPC protocols avoid these risks by distributing the onus of trust across many entities. The arrival of a decentralized, global solution is especially important when considering peoples of the developing world.  Where nations are left to adopt contact tracing technology independently, opt-in may be slow or insecure. Additionally, a number of developing countries may not adopt these strategies at all. As such, we argue that a decentralized MPC-based solution is the correct approach for this global issue.  

Our history

During our development of SafeTrace™, we have relied on the mentorship and backing of experts in epidemiology, as well as on research contacts in the MPC community. We would like to extend our thanks to Dr. Yoneki and Dr. Crowcroft at the University of Cambridge for their expertise and  continued advisory work. In 2010, the research duo launched The FluPhone Project, the first national initiative to employ mobile contact tracing methods. We have assumed responsibility over FluPhone’s original codebase, user documents, technical specs, and more. SafeTrace is the next natural iteration on this idea. With our global-facing solution, the academic community can appropriately extract data that is critical to understanding this outbreak as it unfolds. 

Help preserve lives

We are convinced that our advanced solution has the potential to bring communities out of fear and uncertainty, and eventually out of isolation. We implore you to aid us in making this technology ubiquitous. As a prominent leader in tech, we seek to enlist your support to preserve the lives and livelihoods of millions by partnering with SafeTrace™. In doing so, the world can take a unified step forward out of these desperate times.